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Nan Backes
Young Living
Executive Level Member


Before opening her own health food and vitamin center in Hillsboro in 2006, Nan served customers at several of the oldest and most successful health food stores in the St. Louis and Warrensburg communities.  She also completed classes in  nutrition, herbal studies, and naturopathy, as well as her clinical internship, in the 1970s.   

Nan is now a nutritional herbalist and nutritional consultant. She has completed a class in Gua Sha, traditional Chinese medicine. Nan also completed a workshop in using essential oils to help release emotions.

After a thirty year teaching career and being actively involved in community services and at her local church, Nan enjoys working close to her rural Hillsboro home -- her own personal wildlife preserve -- where she lives with a menagerie of wild critters.  

She also enjoys organic gardening and harvesting wild herbs, nuts, and fruits.